Graham Cracker Pudding Cake

Chocolate Graham Cracker Pudding Cake

On occasion, I love to post something for all the little Chef’s in our lives.  And this recipe is sure to make your little Chef giggle with happiness.

Actually it makes me giggle with happiness.  I think I ate half the dessert, “quality testing” as I like to call it.

I’ve seen this recipe, and many like it making a huge comeback.  I suppose the saying “what’s old is new” is true in this case.  I remember this recipe from my childhood, and after digging through my high school Home Economics recipe box, I found my graham cracker pudding cake recipe.  Thankfully I passed the cooking section of the class, sewing however completely eluded me.  My final project looked like a tent… it was supposed to be a dress.

I’m not sure where this yummy little dessert originated, but I remember several of our family friends preparing it for church socials, or pot luck dinners.  Wherever and whenever it was served, you’d better be the first in line, otherwise you’d most likely end up looking at an empty dessert dish.

This is such a  great recipe for cooking with children, or something fun for your teen to whip up for friends.  Suzie Q whipped this up with her gluten free graham crackers and it’s fabulous.   And this time I exercised great control and only had one slice instead of half the pan.

Serves 8-10


1  1/2 Boxes Graham Crackers

2 large boxes instant pudding (any flavor or mix two flavors such as Butterscotch and Chocolate), prepare as directed for pie filling not pudding

Milk (whole milk or 2%)

Whipped Topping

9×13 glass dish


Layer graham crackers along the bottom of a baking dish, breaking the crackers to fit if needed.  Pour a layer of pudding over the graham crackers, about 1/2 to 1 inch thick.  Then layer graham crackers on top of the pudding and continue the process.  Graham crackers, pudding, graham crackers, pudding and so on.  When you get to the last layer cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight so the pudding becomes nice and firm for slicing.

To serve, add a layer of whipped topping on top and sprinkle with crumbled graham crackers or vanilla cookies.

OPTIONS:  Mix up the pudding flavors with combinations of two puddings.  Butterscotch/Chocolate, Vanilla/Chocolate, Pistachio/Vanilla or whatever strikes your fancy!



  1. Karista, do you know about how many calories per serving there are in the Graham Cracker dessert?

    • Mannie, I don’t usually calculate calories in a dish. My work as a personal chef is centered around nutrional therapy rather than caloric intake. Rather, I prepare meals using “whole” foods, lots of fresh herbs and therapeutic spices, limited salt and typically no sugar unless used sparingly. For desserts like this, well… lets just say a little serving once in a blue moon is a real treat. If I were to give you a rough estimate, using lowfat milk I’d say around 180 calories per serving from an 8×8 pan that gives 9 servings total. Hope this helps!

  2. Michele Sevart says:

    I seem to recall this from my childhood. I believe it was a staple at potluck dinners. I’m making it now with the kids.
    By the way, I loved your Mexican pork… you were right, not my mama’s slow cooker meal!

    • easyeverydaygourmet says:

      It’s funny how some recipes seem to make a comeback. It’s a fun activity with the kids! Glad you liked the Mexican Pork! I think I’ll make that one this week.:)

  3. Harlowe says:

    I completely forgot about this recipe! It’s such a fun, quick and tasty dessert. Thanks for bringing ti back!

    • easyeverydaygourmet says:

      It’s such a fun dessert t make. And best of all… no baking! But be careful, it’s addicting! I had to package up my test recipe and take it to my neighbors before I ate the entire baking dish of pudding cake. Happy Cooking! Karista

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