Mexican Chocolate Sauce

I think I’ve firmly established the fact that I love chocolate.  I love all kinds of chocolate; spiced chocolate, chocolate with cocoa nibs, chocolate with candied orange peel, and I am totally in love with the new seasonal Theo chocolate caramel ginger and rose bar.

My two sassy gals even know where I hide my chocolate stash in the house (I have to keep moving it!), and they always figure out where I’ve hidden my “on the road” chocolate treats in my car.  Yes, I even hide chocolate in my car.  Except during the summer.  I tried that, it doesn’t work.

Chocolate bars are a simple and sweet treat that usually tames my chocolate craving.  But during the spring and summer I like to prepare my family festive chocolate desserts.  Light, simple and super chocolatey (is there such a thing?).

Mexican chocolate sauce does the trick.  It’s rich and a little spicy, drizzled over fresh tropical fruit and maybe a little slice of chocolate cake and WOW!  It’s beautiful and exquisitely delicious.  It’s vacation on a plate!

Mexican Chocolate Sauce

Serves 4


8 ounces dark chocolate

½ cup cream

½ cup water

1 teaspoon cinnamon

6 drops almond extract (can substitute with a coffee extract)

Pinch of cayenne (optional)


Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or microwave.  In a medium sauce pan, heat the cream and water on medium low.  Once the cream and water are heated through, add the melted chocolate and whisk to combine.  Heat thoroughly but do not boil.  Take the chocolate sauce off the heat and add the cinnamon and almond extract.  Mix thoroughly.

Serving suggestion: Place a slice of pound cake (or chocolate cake) on a plate and drizzle with chocolate sauce.  Top with several thin slices of papaya and garnish with fresh mint leaves.  Enjoy!



  1. Thank you for your visit! I love this recipe, extraordinary the presence of water! I have to bookmark it!

    • Juls, Thanks so much for visiting my site! I absolutely love your blog and have added it to my blogroll. Looking forward to reading your posts. Happy Cooking!

  2. Almond extract, I bet that tastes wonderful. I would love this. My wife would really, really love it.

    • My crew loves this chocolate sauce and it’s great over most anything sweet. I had a lovely recommendation from a reader for a pinch of clove as well. Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Cameron says:

    Karista, this is a mouth-watering recipe. You may also want to try a pinch of ground clove in the chocolate.

    • Cam, Thanks so much for the recommendation! A pinch of clove in the chocolate sauce would taste fabulous and be hugely complimentary to tropical fruits such as papaya and mango. Yum!

  4. SandySays1 says:

    Why in the world do all those chocolate things look so darn good. I’m not allowed to have lucious brown (it’s a canine thing) and my human has this sugar problem. We were both drooling however!

    • Thanks Sandy, and so sorry you’re not allowed chocolate! Possibly browse the other recipes in my blog and your humans may find something yummy enough for a beautiful pup like you. 🙂


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