Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Slaw

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

During the summer Ranger Craig and I become the flying foodies.  Every fair weather weekend  (because you know I’m a fair weather flyer) we hop in our Cessna 182, Charlie as we like to call her, and fly to enticing locales in search of the most delectable food Washington State has to offer.  And if we’re feeling really adventurous, we might skip on over to Oregon or maybe even Idaho.  Whoo Hoo!  The Bennett’s are livin large.

A landing on the beach

A few weekends ago we decided to hit the beach.  Literally I suppose.  Yep, Ranger Craig talked me into landing at Copalis Beach.  A beach you might ask?  Yesiree Bob.  The only sand landing strip in Washington.

We’re landing where???

As we were circling the beach,  I kept asking “where do we land?”.   Well that question was quickly answered.  We landed smack dab in the middle of the beach.  Ok, that was my adventure seeking thrill ride for the year!

Tank, our flying Cairn Terrier, patiently waiting to get in the plane.

After a beautiful flight just shy of the Olympics, a long hike along the coast, and a little thrill seeking beach landing, Ranger Craig and I went in search of food.  Unfortunately all we found were a few Cliff bars and Sobe lite waters.  Ok, that was a bummer.

Flying by the beautiful Olympics.

But with all the beautiful scenery and sea air, Ranger Craig and I were inspired.  Inspired to dine on seafood for dinner.  On our flight home we tossed around a few ideas and yummy grilled shrimp tacos won the debate.

So I wonder what we’ll be up to next weekend?  I can most certainly tell you it won’t be sky diving.

Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Slaw and Fresh Lime

Serves 4


1 lb large fresh Gulf Shrimp, peeled and deveined

4 tablespoons butter

3-4 cloves garlic, minced

1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro

1 lime

Pinch of red pepper flakes or cayenne

Salt and pepper

8-10 corn tortillas

1 cup crumbled Cotija, Ranchero or Panela cheese

Sliced fresh avocados (optional, but super yummy with these tacos)

Salsa (optional)

Cilantro Slaw (recipe below)


Pre-heat the grill to 400F.

Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat.  Just when the butter is melted and frothy, add the garlic, cilantro, pinch of red pepper flakes and a pinch of salt and pepper.  Then take the butter off the heat and let it sit.

Brush the shrimp with a little veggie oil and then season with salt and pepper.  The best way to grill shrimp is to skewer them.  Once they are skewered, grill the shrimp for about 1-2 minutes on each side, just until they’ve turned color.  Cooking them too long will make them rubbery and tough.

Remove the shrimp from the grill and the skewers, and place them in a bowl.  Toss the shrimp with the warm cilantro garlic butter and then squeeze with half a lime.

Let the shrimp sit in the cilantro butter while you prepare the tortillas.  I like these tacos served with steamed tortillas.  I steam my tortillas in the top rack of my rice cooker on the steam function.  Or steam them in a stove top steamer.  And if I’m feeling super lazy I just put them in my handy dandy microwave steam bowl and there ya go.  Once steamed, wrap the tortillas in a warm towel.

I like to serve this dish as a “make your own taco” dinner.  Serve the bowl of shrimp with the steamed tortillas, crumbled cheese, cilantro slaw and sliced avocados.   Serve some salsa for a little extra heat.  Enjoy!

Cilantro Slaw

2 cups shredded fresh green cabbage

1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro

3 tablespoons lime juice

1/3 cup olive oil

1-2 teaspoons sugar (to taste)

Pinch of salt and pepper


Whisk together the lime juice, olive oil and sugar.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Toss the cilantro with the cabbage and then toss with the dressing.  Serve with shrimp, fish, or pork tacos.  Yum!



  1. Rainy Saturday in southern Oregon.
    Wanted to fix my wife, a dish that she would love. Paired with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

    Rainy days will never be the same.
    Thank you: Tom

  2. Shrimp Tacos are one of my very favorites. Thank you for following my blog and I look forward to trying some of your recipes.

  3. Colleen says:

    Wow what a wonderful adventure landing on the beach….yum on the tacos!! Gotta get my tortillas & cilantro and can’t wait……..uuum do I “have” to share….lol

  4. sounds so fun and romantic and i love cilantro so my mouth is watering over this recipe!

    • I have a terrible taco tooth and this is definitely one of my favorites! The landing on the beach was sooo much fun! Although I was terrified. LOL!! Come to Seattle this summer and we’ll go island hopping and eat lots of good food! 🙂

  5. I made this tonight for my husband who despises cilantro and feels pretty “meh” about shrimp and he was in LOVE. He said it was the best dinner I made in a while. Thank you so much for such a delicious recipe. This is a winner!

    • Autumn you are so welcome. Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m so happy the tacos were a hit! It’s always a good feeling when the family loves dinner. 🙂

  6. Thanks Heidi! The tacos were divine, and of course I added extra garlic. 🙂 And Reggie loves kisses! He doesn’t run short on love around this house. I think he forgot he’s a dog.

  7. I wanted to eat the tacos off the page and give Reggie a big kiss! What a face!

  8. Hahaha! Thanks Karen. After all that adventure I was starving! Guess being hungry helps the inspiration. 🙂 Happy Adventures!

  9. In glad you got inspiration from your beach adventure because your dish sounds like a real winner.


  1. […] This is now one of Ranger Craig’s favorite shrimp dishes, besides the shrimp taco’s of course.  A rich and spicy sauce glazing the flavorful Gulf shrimp and served on polenta cakes […]

  2. […] cotija cheese and shredded cabbage.  When I have a bit more time, I serve these tacos with a cilantro slaw.  Either way, they are 100% delicious!  And definitely chatter and laughter […]

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