I posted this recipe two summers ago. It was delicious then as it is now. I love the simplicity in preparing the dish as well as the beautiful fresh clean flavors. Perfect, any time of year. Delicious Wishes!

Karista's Kitchen

I found a lovely little recipe that calls for an edamame puree over a grilled Ahi tuna.  Sounds good doesn’t it?   Although, I was really in the mood for something more substantial with my grilled fish… more of an edamame stir fry rather than a puree.

Of course I didn’t have any fresh Ahi on hand, so I sent Ranger Craig to our local fish market.

He did not bring home the Ahi.  😦   (This happens more often than not)

Like me, he caved.  Fresh swordfish had just arrived at the market and Ranger Craig decided the swordfish would make a most excellent dinner.  Ok, well… I can be flexible.   Edamame stir fry over grilled swordfish.  I have to say… it was seafood heaven!

Edamame makes a super side dish or topping for most meats and fish.  It can be steamed, pan sautéed, stir fried or roasted in the oven.  Most often I find this yummy…

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  1. This looks wonderful – simple, healthy, and delicious! So glad you re-posted it!

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