This is one of my earlier recipes that I prepare every summer. Fresh strawberries make the best summer desserts, but they also make the lovliest savory sauces for grilled fish and meat. I tweaked the recipe a bit and updated the pictures. Beautifully delicious!

Karista's Kitchen

Several years ago, Ranger Craig and I took the two Sassy Bennett gals to see the Washington Coast.  We found a tiny little Inn that just so happened to have a restaurant.  Score!  Maybe.

It was in a remote area of Western Washington, and honestly, I was a little hesitant as to what this little Inn might offer in the way of a dinner menu.  Well hold the phone and pinch my arm!  My taste buds were pleasantly surprised.   Not only did they serve my two gals favorite, fried calamari, but they also served grilled salmon with a savory strawberry sauce.  Yep, a savory strawberry sauce.  It was incredible.

I’ve tried to re-create this sauce as simply as possible.  Most fruit sauces are a reduction sauce of some sort and typically require time and attention.  However,  I wanted the pure, sweet, delicious taste of the strawberries to prevail,  while spicing it up with something fun.  Chipotle chili…

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  1. Beautiful looking savoury sauce my friend, I wonder if I could put it in a burger 😀
    Great reblog! And definitely a new follower!

    Choc Chip Uru

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