Stuffed Olive and Sausage Bites

stuffed olive and sausage bites

Stuffed Olive and Sausage Bites

There is no doubt the holidays are always a busy time of year.  However, the last few years it’s become a reason to put the brakes on.  Or at least slow down long enough to savor the season.

I find myself turning off my computer earlier in the evening, leaving the iPad on my desk, losing my phone (ok… I do this year round), and hanging out by the fire watching old holiday films, sipping my new fave wine and enjoying the company of my beautiful family.

An Instagram of Me and My Two Sassy Gals on Thanksgiving 🙂

It’s amazing how something as simple as a Christmas movie and a good cup of cocoa can bring everyone into the family room.

For me, the holidays are also a time of reflection.  Reflection on the unexpected blessings, the mountainous hurdles that have been jumped and long winding roads that were crossed.

The joy of being a mom of two beautiful and sassy gals, the ever present love, laughter and hilarious adventure with a man who is my best friend. Reflection on the love of family and friends, and new friendships.

One evening at a food blogging event this past summer,  I found myself standing alone at a tall table in the corner of a large barn like building.  I was trying to look casual holding my cocktail and putting my pride in check after a disappointing moment.  I’m typically eager to meet new people and make new friends.  However, sometimes I forget others are not so eager.

So with my pride somewhat bruised and mentally giving myself a good lecture, I stood there watching the crowd as if I were on the outside looking in.

I checked the time on my phone and only half an hour had passed.  Oh well, I thought. It’s time to pack it in, go home, put on the pajamas and read a good book.  There were also three Bennett’s at home that would give me no shortage of conversation.

Just as I was fishing around my handbag for my keys, a lovely lady with a bright as a Christmas tree smile introduced herself.  I probably looked stunned.  I’m sure it took me a minute but I soon realized she was speaking to me and I should probably speak back.

Melanie is genuine. She presented me with a kindness I will never forget.  Along with a few more lovely women from the event, Melanie became a new friend.

Melanie is the author of the blog Melanie in the Middle and now her newest project, A Beautiful Bite, Where Passion and Plate Collide. Fresh, fun, beautiful and mouthwatering recipes.  And she has the best giveaways!

So, in honor of A Beautiful Bite, I thought I’d share these lovely little Stuffed Olive and Sausage Bites.  Perfect starters for your holiday table.

Or if you’re like me… you eat them for lunch. 😉

Happy Holidays and Loads of Love,


Stuffed Olive and Sausage Bites

Makes about 18-20 depending on size of the olives


1 jar (or about 20) feta or bleu cheese stuffed green olives.  Sometimes I can find orange peel stuffed olives and these are fabulous in this starter.

About ½ – ¾ panko style bread crumbs

1 pound sweet, mild or hot Italian sausage


Line a baking sheet with parchment.  Make sure you lightly paper towel the olives so the sausage will stick.

I usually place the olives in one bowl, the sausage in another and the bread crumbs in a third bowl.

Flatten out a tablespoon sized portion of sausage in your palm. Place an olive in the center, then shape the sausage around it, enclosing the olive.

Roll the sausage wrapped olive in the bread crumbs. Continue to shape it and pressing the bread crumbs into the sausage slightly.  As olives are prepared, space them apart on a baking sheet.

Repeat with the remaining olives.

The olives can be prepared a day in advance and refrigerated.  Cover tightly.

At least 20 minutes before baking, remove them from the refrigerator and pre-heat the oven to 450F.  Bake the olives for about 12-14 minutes, until the sausage is cooked and lightly browned.

Serve on a long olive tray or speared with fun picks.

Recipe slightly adapted from the fabulous Chef Kathy Casey, Sips and Apps



  1. These sounds delicious! I am taking the recipe!

  2. Perfect quick holiday fair. I wonder if you could even freeze them and have them ready to go? I do believe there are little angels out there helping people to cross paths. Melanie looks like a lovely person and she’s managing TWO blogs and FOUR kids. Wow.
    Cheers ma dear x wendy

    • Oh yes, absolutely! Freezing them is a grand idea.
      I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people through blogging and the culinary world. You included Miss!!

  3. you take BEAUTIFUL photos Karista! Wow. Simply gorgeous. And these little bites.. i dont’ think i could stop eating them 🙂

  4. Lady, you look way too young to be having such grown up girls. 😀 Also, what an easy appetizer! I’ll definitely consider this in an upcoming family gathering.

    • LOL! Well Jayne, Instagram is a 45 year olds best friend. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Wishing you a most delicious holiday season, Karista

      • These bites look so tasty, Karista! I also had the pleasure of meeting Melanie at BlogHer Food this summer and found her to be a sweetheart. From what I have seen, she is an inspiring woman with an incredible story, and I am glad to learn about her new site. I’ll be checking that out!

  5. What a beautiful shot of you and your daughters, Karista! These bites look so tempting…even more so because the olives are stuffed with good things. We had your sweet potato spoon bread for Thanksgiving and it was terrific!

    • Yay! Betsy so glad you loved the spoon bread. I really could just sit and eat it all with a spoon. And then lick the dish. LOL! Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

  6. Karista that is a great photo – the girls are so pretty and you look like their sister! Great appetizer and advice about slowing down for the holidays. Hope we get to catch up soon 🙂

    • Hahaha! Alyssa, Instagram does wonders for the mid-40’s eye wrinkles! And yes, I do want to meet for coffee soon. Maybe a post holiday cocktail or coffee?

  7. oh karista, your stories are so real sometimes i feel like i’m standing in your shoes.

  8. Wise and kind words…slow down and enjoy!
    Gonna have to seek out those olives, now!

  9. You and your daughters are all incredibly beautiful! You look more like their sister than their mom. 🙂
    As with all your posts Karista, I thoroughly enjoyed this one too, thank you for sharing so openly and for always sharing such wonderful recipes.
    Oh yes, give your little chicken a kiss from me.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Hahaha! Well Mandy, Instagram is a beautiful thing. It hides all those darn wrinkles around my eyes. 🙂 So glad you liked the post. Friendship and kindness is a beautiful thing.
      Thanks for the kisses for my little chickies. They send one back!

  10. I’m intrigued by orange peel stuffed olives Karista 🙂

  11. Your daughters are beautiful, just like their mama! I could not have said it better myself, holidays are for families and loved ones and taking time to share some memories is high on my list this year. I really like the sound of your recipe, a great appetizer. I have made stuffed olives with cheese and fried them in a batter and they were quite nice. I think the sausage would make these extra savory. Take care and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with your girls. Take Care, BAM

  12. I’m always much happier when you’re at a party…for the record. These look fabulous. And how smart you are to slow down at the Holidays. I’m taking a page from your book!

  13. These bites sound delicious with sausage and intriguing because of the olives.

  14. I just want to hug you….for so many reasons. Love your blog, love your recipes, love you!

  15. These are so perfectly savory and quite elegant, not that I would expect anything less from you :). Happy holidays!

    • Thank you. Well, they look elegant enough but then you bite into a nice piece of sausage, followed by a green olive with a speck of cheese. 🙂 I can’t make them unless I’m taking them somewhere or I’ll eat them all. Happy Holidays to you as well1

  16. My friend was just asking me for an appetizer recipe and I was thinking I need a few new ones. I’m so glad you made a connection, what a gift that is! I’m off to see her website:) xx

  17. First of all, HOLY HECK that’s an amazing picture. Truly, you have a gift with that there camera of yours. Secondly, I had to do a double take with that picture of you and the girls because you look YOUNGER than them. How is that even possible?

    Karista, you are lovely. Your food is ridiculously inspired. And your photography? I want to be you when I grow up.

    I thank my lucky stars for having met you that day. As I’ve shared with you before, we are all supposed to learn something everywhere we go if we keep our minds open to the possibilities. And in our case we found something really cool. A new friendship.

    Even if that friendship causes me to gain five pounds from recipes like this. Sausage and bleu cheese stuffed olives? You’re killing my thighs lady. 😉 Muah. xoxo

    • Thank you Melanie!! I still have no idea how to work have the buttons on my camera. LOL! I felt lucky to get the shot. And isn’t Instagram a wonderful thing. Makes all my age lines look nice and smooth. You are truly a blessing my friend. Hugs!

  18. Love the picture of you and your two sassy gals. Relaxing by the fire with a drink and a movie is a favorite thing to do over the holidays–well heck anytime–too. A friend has asked me to come up with some appie ideas for her and I am going to add these to the list of ideas. They look terrific!

    • Thanks Barb! I hope you like them. They are sort of addicting. I eat one and then I have to go back for several more. 🙂 Have a happy holiday season with the darling Ponytails!

  19. Great idea to try and slow down a bit this time of year — it does get so hectic. We need to remember what it’s all about and running around like a crazy person isn’t it. These bites sound wonderful — very creative. Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful family!

    • Thanks Danny. Yes, taking life nice and slow this time of year is a good idea. Otherwise the first of January arrives and I feel like I’ve missed the holidays. Best of luck with the new blog!

  20. Ooooooo….. These look fun and delicious! I must make them!

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