A Delicious New Year!

One of my favorite things to do, is share the love of good food.  Being in the culinary business, I’m constantly surrounded by fabulous foodies, inspiring chef’s, passionate farmer’s, rancher’s and food artisans and in general, really great people.  I feel so blessed!

This first post of 2013 is a sharing post, a thank you post, and a delicious food post.  A three for one.

I am quite tardy in saying Thank You.  My apologies to these fabulous five bloggers who have so graciously and thoughtfully awarded me these special honors.  I am deeply honored to be recognized by my blogging peers.

Danny at 1227 Foster is relatively new on the food scene but you’d think Danny has been present for years.  I’ve never seen a lifestyle blogger transform their blog so quickly, so beautifully and so deliciously as Danny.  Armed with a fierce passion for delicious food, eye-catching décor, exciting travel destinations and most definitely a talent for all things beautiful.  I adore Danny, admire his passion and definitely recommend subscribing to his blog.  Thank you Danny for awarding me your 2012 Blog of the Year, Reality Blog Award and the Sensual Blogging Award.  I love to think my food could be labeled as sensual. 🙂

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Cara at This Little Light is one of my most favorite writers.  She has a talent for beautiful words, thought-provoking subjects, and heartwarming stories.  I feel as if I’ve known her all my life.  If we lived closer we’d be best of friends I’m sure.  A lovely and captivating young woman who exudes passion for her craft and will no doubt be a bestselling author soon.  You must absolutely check out both her blogs: This Little Light and her newest project Awakening Foster Kelley ( a novel!) .  Thank you Cara for nominating me for 2012 Blog of the Year Award.  Hugs to you and I wish you huge success!!

I completely adore Emma at Sweet Mabel.  A fun, crafty, delicious, beautiful blog that makes me stay and browse a while when I’m there.  Her warm and charming personality shines through every post.  Her love of vintage matches mine and I’m mesmerized by all her vintage finds.  Truly one of my favorite blogs to visit.  I just wish we were closer so we could sit and chat over a cup of tea. 🙂  Thank you Emma for the Inspiring Blog Award!

Nancy Creative is a fun, creative, delicious and crafty blog.  I run short on crafty so I’m always looking to these lovely blogs for inspiration.  Nancy at Nancy Creative is a writer and designer and you can see these passions come through in her beautiful blog.  A lovely lady who shines with warmth and inspiration. Thank you Nancy for the One Lovely Blog Award!

Chef Mimi and I are newly acquainted through blogging. She’s a lovely lady who has devoted her life to the love of food and cooking.  An impressive career, Chef Mimi’s passion for great food shines through each and every recipe.  Thank you so much Chef Mimi for the Sunshine Award!

According to the rules for most of these awards I’m to tell you 7 things about myself that you don’t already know. Hmmm… that may be difficult, I feel like an open book most the time. 🙂

  1. When I was young I had three pigs named Josephine, Charlotte and Lester.  Lester was a little tyrant.  While I was climbing over the pig fence (age 7), Lester decided he didn’t like me and bit me smack dab in the butt.  Still sporting the scar. 😦   I still love pigs.
  2. I once sang professionally.  No, you won’t find me on iTunes but you will find my fabulous cousins, The Univited and Fish Ranch Road. Love my guys!
  3. Mystery books and old cookbooks are my weakness.
  4. I much prefer savory over sweet.  Which is why my “sweets” recipe section is lacking.
  5. The one thing I can cook with my eyes closed.  Pan seared salmon.  My chef instructor once made me pan sear several pieces of salmon during a class because I kept cooking it all the way through (which is how I like it).  I practiced so many times at home, I can prepare it in my sleep.
  6. I am passionate about nutrition.   Food not genetically modified, food raised without pesticides and raising awareness about purchasing power.  Making better food choices will allow future generations greater health.  My little soapbox speech for the day.
  7. Autumn has always been my most favorite time of the year.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

I nominate the following WordPress blog 2012 Blog of the Year:  Just a Smidgen 

Smidge (as I call her), is a poet, writer, artist and food blogger.  She encompasses all that is beautiful in this world.  Her writing has brought tears to my eyes, made me howl with laughter and given my heart peace.  Her food is always delicious and beautifully photographed.  And she’s crafty too! A beautiful and multi-talented lady who I adore and admire.

Wishing you all a most delicious, successful and happy new year!

Loads of Love,




  1. Hope your new year is off to a good start. Congrats on your awards and moreover for acknowledging and passing on! They are well deserved. I can’t even remember how we crossed paths but I’m sure glad it happened.
    This fish looks delicious and will fit perfectly in my month of whole foods. I’m off all processed foods for as long as I can make it. The triscuits were the final straw speaking of GMO’s. I’m in a rage with that whole issue. cheers…x wendy

    • I’m right there with you Wendy. I cannot believe how many GMO’s are in our food supply. It completely makes me ill. And quite literally will make people ill. Yes, whole foods is something I strive for daily. The occasional baked chip sneaks in now and again but for the most part I try to keep it whole and healthy. Happy 2013!

  2. 2013 is going to be a beautiful year. Congratulations on the wonderful accolade Karista, so very well deserved.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Thanks so much Mandy! And yes, it will be a great year! I’m looking forward to all sorts of deliciousness. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful weeks end!

  3. Former professional singer? Nice! Congrats on the award.

  4. And this post has brought tears to my eyes.. I know to receive an award from fellow bloggers is one of the highest compliments and your description of my blog is so sweet, Karista! I have so enjoyed getting to know you here, where would we be without our blogging world? I shudder to think… how quiet and “unconnected”, eh? Your piggy story instantly made me think of the “This little piggy” rhyme I used to do on my babies toes! I can’t believe Danny is a new blogger, he sure hit the ground running, didn’t he? And I’m so excited to see what other bloggers you’ve recommended.. I read the word “vintage” and you know my heart starts beating:D Thanks for your beautiful recipes, they inspire me to cook more like a chef and to take more risks.. and thanks for sharing your lovely family’s stories with us!! xxxx Barb|Smidge xxxx

    • 🙂 I’m smiling a great big smile right now! I too have so completely enjoyed getting to know you and our blogging friends. What a wonderful world it is. Hugs to you Smidge and a very happy 2013!

  5. A Delicious, Happy New Year to all of you!

  6. You are too cute! So glad I met you in 2012, and looking forward to all sorts of adventures in 2013!! xoxo.

    • Well I feel the same about you my dear! So happy we met in 2012 and yes, 2013 will bring lots of new adventures. Whoo Hoo! And cocktails! LOL!

  7. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I’m on the same soapbox as you!

  8. I am with you Karista – I prefer savory over sweet. I was just thinking about his as I think my sweets section is a bit limited as well! Oh well, at least our dinners are amazing 😉 Happy New Year!!!

    • LOL! I know, I’m always trying to come up with some sort of delicious dessert but low sugar and maybe a little on the healthy side. Doesn’t make for a very good blog post. Hahaha! Yes, I must say our dinners are amazing!

  9. I will have to check out these blogs and what fun to read more about you. Savory over sweet, non GM foods and a love of autumn…more that we have in common as well as loving Smidge’s great blog. I’m going to have to try that winter veg cobbler, and a very Happy 2013 to you, Karista!

    • Thanks Betsy! We do have alot in common, not too mention being from the same part of the US. 🙂 Well sort of, I grew up in Arkansas and spent many hours driving through Georgia. LOL! Happy New Year to you as well!

  10. Happy new year!!!!

  11. First of all, Happy New Year! Second,congratulations on all the accolades and awards — see how we all think you’re amazing! And third, you are toooo kind in your words — none-the-less, they are so appreciated and I can’t thank you enough! I look forward to more great things from you in 2013 and I will definitely check out the blogs onto which you’ve passed the award. Oh, and finally, congratulations to Barbara, aka Smidge — she is so deserving as well!!!!!!

    • This is what happens when I get all excited and just start typing – I meant to say that I’ll check out the other blogs that also saw how amazing you are and passed on awards to you! I already know how great Smidge is 🙂

      • LOL! Thank you Danny! And you are so welcome. I love what you’ve done and continue to do with your blog! I always look forward to your posts. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  12. What a wonderful way to start off the year! Happy New Year, Karista!

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