Caprese Rosemary Skewers

Caprese Rosemary Skewers drizzled with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Summer has arrived and alfresco dining has begun!  I'm loving these seasonal appetizers that help me use the abundance of rosemary growing in my garden. They're also a delicious way to use summer's sweet cherry tomatoes.  Although if I have a bowl … [Read more...]

Shrimp Scampi Linguine With Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil and Lemon

There’s a new guy in my life.   And I’ve fallen in love.  Again.  Another dark brown-eyed, silky smooth haired, cute as a bug Terrier. Gucci, a Biewer Terrier,  came to visit for a few days and we’re all smitten.  Especially Suzie Q. I … [Read more...]

Roasted Red New Potatoes with Fresh Basil and Lemon

This post is actually a two for one.  I just love a versatile recipe, so when I last prepared these potatoes, the Bennett crew decided they didn't want the fresh basil and lemon version but something a little more indulgent.  Imagine that, roasted … [Read more...]

Chicken Piccata with Lemon and Fresh Herbs

My oldest daughter is a chicken and turkey kind of gal.  She loves a good chicken dinner with all the fixings (my Southernism for "side dishes").    She was quite the happy camper a few nights ago when I prepared this tasty little dish.  I think she … [Read more...]

Basil and Roasted Walnut Pesto over Pan Seared Halibut

When I was growing up I thought there were only two types of nuts, peanuts and walnuts.  My Mother adores walnuts.  If we were out of milk and bread, we'd still have an endless supply of walnuts.  We would often find them in our cookies, muffins, … [Read more...]