Brown Butter Thumbprint Cookies with Sweet Orange Marmalade

Finally.  Something "sweet" to post.  (besides cute pictures of Tank or my two sassy gals) I'm not much of a baker.  This is hard for me to admit. I typically leave the baking and pastry work to my dear friends and family members who wish to … [Read more...]

Miette Inspired Macarons – Guest Post

Every month or so my friend, Maria Nelson, posts a picture on Facebook of  glorious looking pastry she's just created.  And usually I drool all over my computer.  I loved these darling little sweets so much that I asked Maria to write a Guest … [Read more...]

Breakfast Cookies with Oatmeal, Cinnamon and Raisins

I wish my house could smell like fresh-baked oatmeal raisin cookies all the time.   The sweet smells of  cinnamon and brown sugar remind me of  my childhood, when I'd come home from school and my Mom had made her famous oatmeal cherry chocolate chip … [Read more...]

Shortbread Toffee Bars

Once in a blue moon we must have a dessert post.  I'm not big on dessert mind you, only because when I make dessert I end up consuming much of what I've just prepared... with no leftovers!   I have a huge sweet tooth for warm baked cookies, cakes, … [Read more...]

Almond Toffee Chocolate Squares

All I can say about this recipe is WOW!  I don't prepare many sweets at home as I'll be the one consuming all that sugar.  However, a few weeks ago my friend Heidi sent me this recipe.  I finally had a chance to prepare it and it literally took 3 … [Read more...]

Oatmeal Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

My Mom has been baking oatmeal cookies for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes they were a gift to sick friends, or a little cheer to her co-workers, or a "just because" dessert for her family.  I loved coming home from school, opening the front … [Read more...]