Savory Blueberry Ginger Salsa

fresh blueberry ginger salsa with shallots and mint

It's funny how sometimes life rolls in a direction never anticipated.  Catching us by surprise, with both trepidation and promise. It's been an eventful year for my family.  My first-born conquering a long and tedious health challenge, my youngest … [Read more...]

Sugar-Crusted Salmon with Avocado Peach Salsa… a Guest Post by Alaska From Scratch

It's amazing how new friendships are born.  I've been following Maya at Alaska From Scratch for a while now and after a few blog comments and email correspondence she has become a cherished colleague and dear friend.  Her delicious food blog captured … [Read more...]

Slow Braised Barbacoa with Cucumber Avocado Salsa

I’ve been trying to write this post for at least a week.  I’d like to think my days are so filled with exciting and essential work, of momentous proportions, that I had to continuously delay this post. Nope.  Just my beautiful life.  Work, family, … [Read more...]

Blueberry Ginger Salsa with Grilled Fresh Halibut

One could say I’m a bit over zealous when it comes to our summer fruit here in the Northwest. After all, we do have to wait several seasons for the sweet treasures. So it’s no surprise when I end up with loads of stone fruit and berries on my … [Read more...]

Stuffed Peppadews and Salsa Baked Cheese

I love peppadews.  I really love them.  I could pop a peppadew everyday.  Especially if it's stuffed with cheese.  I even tried stuffing peppadews with my beloved Rogue Smokey Bleu Cheese.  Don't try that.  It didn't work. So I decided to … [Read more...]

Avocado, Tomato and Cucumber Salsa with Fresh Basil

I've got a big yellow bowl sitting on my kitchen counter.  I love that bowl.  It looks like sunshine.  And it’s overflowing with all my beautifully delicious fruits and veggies.   I also love my big yellow bowl because one of my dear friends gave it … [Read more...]

Tio Cameron’s Salsa

Our entire family LOVES salsa.  Especially my super fabulous little brother, who happens to be my only brother.  And yes,  he really is super fabulous.  Of course, I probably wouldn't have said that when we were growing up, as he could have won an … [Read more...]