Porcini and Rosemary Slow Braised Pot Roast

Porcini and rosemary braised pot roast

There is something exceptional about porcini mushrooms.  They aren't your run of the mill button's and much more interesting than cremini; although I do love a bowl of sautéed cremini's. Still, much more flavorful than shitake's and almost as … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Red Ginger Chicken

Urban Farm Chickens

My girls (of the chicken variety) are growing up and will be egg laying hens soon.  Although they are now considered pullets, my teenage chickens are finding their grown up voices and developing the most comedic personalities. I love to walk … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Hawaiian Pork Roast with Coconut Rice


I wish I could tell you I just got back from a spectacular Hawaiian vacation.  But I didn't. :(  It's been a few years since visiting Maui, but I remember it like yesterday. Probably because when I vacation with Ranger Craig it's not really a … [Read more...]

Slow Braised Beef Daube

I love my fresh organic fruits and veggies and of course I love dessert, especially chocolate dessert.  Actually anything chocolate is great with me. But what I really love is a good hearty beef dish.  Mmmmm (I can’t think of anything more brilliant … [Read more...]

Slow Roasted Italian Pork Shoulder with Rosemary White Beans


This dish is what the Bennett crew calls "pork and beans".  Most definitely not the traditional pork and beans I grew up on, you know, the kind that's heavily laced with barbeque sauce and lots of smoky bacon. Although the traditional pork and … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Flank Steak Tacos with Fresh Cilantro, Ranchero and Avocado

It must be taco month because this is the second taco post in a week!  In my house, tacos are "fun food".  I'll prepare the main taco filling and serve with an assortment of my family's favorite condiments.  During the summer months, tacos just seem … [Read more...]

Beef Stracotto with Creamy Parmesan Polenta

Years ago I met a lovely woman named Sianna.  An older woman, a wise woman and a woman whose every word I seemed to tuck away in the file drawers of my mind.  She was fascinationg. Full of  adventurous life stories and snippets of wisdom that I'm … [Read more...]

Slow Cooked Mexican Pork with Cilantro Slaw

After culinary school I shunned my slow cooker.  Tsk, tsk!  I'd never use such an appliance again.  After all, real chef's didn't use a slow cooker.  Right? Then I started my business, had two small children, a husband, a dog and a very complete … [Read more...]