Fresh Spinach, Arugula and Lemon Risotto

spinach, arugula and lemon risotto

One of my chicken gals laid an egg today!  Yes, I splattered the good news all over facebook, instagram, and twitter. After my little social media blitz, I joyously announced the good news to my two sassy gals.  To which the reply was less than … [Read more...]

White Fish Florentine

White fish baked in Spinach, Dijon, cream, panko and parmesan

Life is not perfect.  But of course, we all know this right?   In fact, my life is messy (sometimes literally). Like many, I work diligently to keep it all together while raising a family, building a career and business and nurturing the important … [Read more...]

Summer Lasagna

I suppose you're wondering what in the world is Summer Lasagna?  Well, it's lasagna I make in the summer.  :)  Naw!  Just kidding.  Summer lasagna is my answer to lasagna all year-long.  Just like soup, I like to eat lasagna in all seasons.  So I … [Read more...]

Stuffed Pork Loin with Fresh Spinach, Feta and Golden Raisins

I just might have a thousand recipes for pork (exaggerating a wee bit), but for some reason I'm completely bored with all of them.  I think it's time to get a little fancy with this week's pork.  And by fancy I don't mean lots of work,  … [Read more...]

Baby Spinach, Raspberry and Toasted Walnut Salad in Raspberry Vinaigrette

Last night I needed a quick salad for dinner.  Looking through the frig I realized I didn’t have any fresh romaine.  But I had mounds of baby spinach, 2 lbs to be exact.  Obviously I got a little excited when purchasing spinach; really, who needs 2 … [Read more...]

Warm Farro with Wilted Baby Spinach and Crispy Pancetta

Meet my new discovery, Farro.   Well, it's not really a "new" discovery, I've just finally figured out how to cook with it.  Farro is one of those new again ancient grains to gain popularity in the mainstream food arena.  A grain that feels and cooks … [Read more...]

Lemon Chicken Florentine

Sometimes I feel like the Queen of the quick meal; prep it, cook it, sauce it and serve it!  Fresh ingredients that require minimal effort but result in exceptional flavor.  And sometimes I like to make dinner a project.  Piddling around in the … [Read more...]

Spinach Salad with Cremini Mushrooms and Crispy Pancetta tossed in a Maple vinaigrette

Some evenings I simply crave veggies.  Unfortunately, I seem to have this need to dress up my simple veggies with this, that and the other, and often end up just a tad bit short of simple.  However, always delicious!  That's how I ended up … [Read more...]

Pan Seared Halibut Cheeks over Wilted Spinach topped with a White Wine and Lemon Sauce

Sometimes the simplest of recipes can surprise the palate.  All it takes is a few quality ingredients combined with the freshest of fish, meat or vegetable and you’re taste buds will think you’ve been dining out.  Fresh Halibut has to be one of my … [Read more...]